Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Jokko Télécentres - Pictures from the Capitalisation Seminar

Tostan Kolda staff, Jokko team members from Dakar and Thies, and CMC participants came together in Velingara from 19-22 December 2010 to learn, discuss, and share experiences of the Jokko Télécentres, which had been operational in the field for about two months at that point. Below are some pictures from village discussions and the capitalisation seminar which took place during the visit. 

The next blog post will be a deeper discussion of some of the challenges and successes raised during the seminar. Check back soon!

More pictures from the seminar at our Flickr photostream: click here
Tostan participants in Sare Diallo during the discussion.

A telecentre at work: cell phones and universal chargers plugged in.

Bicycles, muscle power, and donkey-led carts are the most popular mode of telecentre transport.

Malick Niang (Senegal programs assistant), Mamadou (Sare Diallo CMC member) and Finte Boiro (Assistant to the Regional Coordinator) pose near a sign board of a Tostan village.

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